Products and Technology

We believe every screen deserves the very best picture quality.  Pixelworks Video Display Processing™ technology is designed to optimize the quality of any display.  Our devices provide solutions for a wide range of applications and allow developers to design display systems of all sizes that have the highest video quality with minimum power consumption.  Our core Video Display Processing™ technology intelligently processes video signals from a variety of sources and optimizes the image for the viewer.  Display technology is now in its third wave.  We’ve moved from the first analog displays to digital and flat and now displays are rapidly increasing their pixel densities.  As pixel densities increase and the individual pixels can no longer be distinguished, the display takes on a realistic look and feel that fools our brain into believing it’s seeing real objects.  Any artifact destroys this effect and renders the investment in a high-resolution display somewhat pointless.  Pixelworks Video Display Processing™ cumulates years of research and a dedicated team whose sole focus has been the enhancement and improvement of video quality.  The technology is used by tier 1 manufacturers to offer consumers stunning state of the art display solutions.  We offer dedicated silicon solutions for Mobile devices, TVs, projection systems and connected displays.  We also provide IP core solutions that can enable our technology to be incorporated into customer specific applications.