Pixelworks provides a range of dedicated SoCs for the projection market that incorporate our advanced Video Display Processing™ technology as well as other features to provide high-integrated cost effect solutions for projectors.  Adaptable to any display device and application our SoCs provide a comprehensive solution for all types of projectors.

Advanced Image Processing

Our advanced Video Display Processing™ technology ensures the displayed image will look its best no matter what the display conditions.  Adaptable and programmable they can accommodate any type of display system.

WiFi, LAN and USB Connectivity

With an increasingly connected world it is essential to have connected display devices that can work intuitively and interactively with a multitude of devices.  Pixelworks SoCs offer connectivity and control through WiFi, LAN and USB connections.  For more information check out our VueMagic™ solutions.

Keystone Correction and Image Warp

Projectors require advance image manipulation to compensate for lens distortions as well as screen alignment issues.  Pixelworks provide flexible and powerful image warp and keystone correction to compensate for optical path distortions and simplify projector installation.

Video Capture

Pixelworks SoCs provide the convenience of integrated image capture with multi-port switching to reduce overall bill of materials and reduce design complexity.  Supporting pure digital HDMI, high-speed analog RGB and component, along with composite and S-Video inputs.

System Control

Incorporating ARM processors, Pixelworks devices provide processing power for system control and user interface.  Our powerful and customizable specialized software reduces time to market and simplifies design.